How Cute is this?

So my in-laws visited over the weekend.  Yesterday while my hubby, my daughter and my in-laws played golf and bowling on the Wii, I decided to work on a layout.  I had to make holes using an anywhere hole punch.  So I was pounding away with my punch, my hammer and my mat.  I guess Allie got in the mood to hammer because once their game was over, the adults went upstairs to play cards while she stayed downstairs to hammer.  While we were playing she came down to get my permission to use certain scrapbook supplies (I’ve got her trained well!).  Once she was done, she came upstairs and gave me my masterpiece…


(the little robot guy she made for her daddy a year ago when they were working on her pinewood derby car).  Back to my artwork…can you see that it says “MOM”?  And how do you like how she blinged out the “M”?  That is ribbon along the edges.  I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to put this but I anticipate it will go in my scrap area. I will probably use some ribbon to hang it where I can see it often!  I need to have her sign it.  It’s just so darn cute!

Now this is the layout I was pounding away on…


I got an awesome Waycom tablet from my parents for Christmas.  With it came some filters to liven up my photos.  I did a little playing with the filters and Photoshop with these pictures.  I really liked how most of them turned out!

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2 Responses to How Cute is this?

  1. Raechelle says:

    How sweet is that?! it’s beautiful! The layout ain’t so bad either. 😉

  2. Shanna says:

    Love it Lisa! You have a genius on your hands! 🙂

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