Got Cider? Or anything else warm?

It’s cooold here today! Maybe this little layout will warm you up a bit.


Have you every had a Starbucks Hot Caramel Apple Cider? Well if you haven’t…they are Yummo! I got a knock off recipe off of the internet, and it’s a favorite around our house. Just before Christmas, I snapped some photos of Allie (really for a photography club assignment) drinking this greatness. I told her to have fun with it and concentrate on it instead of me with the camera. I got some cute pics, though no photography masterpieces.

And check out this beauty. I got this at my church garage sale for nothing (literally). I stripped it of its old look and turned it into an awesome suitcase. I’m not sure what I will do with it but probably put handmade cards in there (I can’t throw away the handmade cards that everybody makes for me).



And I redid the inside too. I don’t know whether to keep it open or shut!

And finally, I made this card based on a sketch for an upcoming Paper Crafts issue. I think it came out pretty darn cute. If I’m lucky, maybe you’ll see it in a magazine some day.


Thanks for peeking in today!

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