New Years Resolutions

Once again, I have made several New Years Resolutions. Only this year I am going to stick with them!!!

I have 3 major ones 1) healthy lifestyle/weight loss 2) declutter and thoroughly clean the house and 3) submit for more scrapbook contests/calls.

So far this year I have already done some of each. So I guess I’m off to a good start.

A friend in kickboxing told me I should try a Zumba class. Ever done one? They are a lot of fun in a physically torturous way. The class was this morning and I was already beginning to get sore by the afternoon. We signed up for a family membership to the Belton Rec Center so I could go to the class for free. Clay will work out while I Zumba my way into great shape.

And now that most of the Holiday baking goodies are gone, we are going to resume our healthy eating. We really haven’t been to great since before we left for our cruise in October. Starting Monday I will follow the Weight Watchers plan and start recording all my food.

I have also joined a new yahoo group of women who are wanting to improve their lives by becoming more healthy. So I’ve got my ducks in a row….I just need the willpower to do it…again.

What do you think of my newest creation?


It’s a hanging vase…but since I don’t have any fresh flowers at the moment, I decided to make one.

The container is some sort of meal replacement (maybe protein) drink. One of my scrapbooking students has been drinking these since her gastric bypass surgeries. She has tons of them so I asked her to start saving them for me. And I finally used one…yay! Most product used was from the new Creative Cafe and the Making Memories Noteworthy collection.

Have a great week everybody!

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