You Are Here

That is the title of my latest layout. This layout was created for CreateMyKeepsake’s DT search. The challenge for this layout was to create a layout using at least 4 different products from the same manufacturer. Easy peasy with the Creative Cafe.



This is definitely one of those layouts that is much better in my head than it is on paper. I thought it would look so cool to make the large picture transparent to act as a background without being too distracting. But it became distracting in another form, I thought the page was muddy looking and lacked color. So I just kept adding embellishments to give it a little life. Finally after fussing with it off and on for nearly a day, I decided to call it quits. I now like the final product, but it’s still better in my mind 😉


And since I’m a 2 page scrapper, I had to do the second page. And this page took me about an hour…if even that long. The second pages are just so easy compared to the first. I was quite pleased with my journaling. See, I have the sloppiest handwriting in town. I work with a guy who used to be an architect. Every now and then he’ll write something like an architect (you know how they have that real distinctive writing). He kind of demo-ed it for me. Basically when I print it’s some kind of print/cursive ugly combo. To write better he told me to take my time, slow down and make very deliberate strokes – lifting up the pen between strokes. Take a “P” for example. There are 2 strokes in the “P” one going straight up and down and the other being the curve. I like to try to do this in 1 stroke without lifting up the pen. But to make it look neat, I did it in 2 strokes. The result – handwriting you can actually read! It’s just too bad that I ran out of room with the last word on the page though 😉

Well, should I decide to submit for the team (see above), I still have an altered project to complete by Sunday. I haven’t decided what I want to create just yet. I have tons of stuff hanging around the house to choose from. I should start nosing around today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 2008!!!

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