Holiday weekend is over!

Here are a couple of shots today I took for my next Photography Club meeting on Tuesday. I missed last month’s meeting because of vacation. So I’m not really sure what this month’s assignment was, except to photograph a person. Who better to photograph than Allie?

We had planned to head to the arboretum on Friday to shoot some “leaf” photos, but it was just too chilly for this whimp!

I realized today was my last opportunity before the meeting to really get a shot. I covered a board with wrapping paper (to use as the background) [I got this cool tip from Holly of Pink.Sugar.Pop]. I tried to make Allie’s too long bangs gracefully cover her face. I sat her next to a window for optimal natural light. Then I put Clay holding white posterboard opposite the window to reflect light back onto the dark side of Allie’s face. I took a couple pictures with a candy cane, but that just wasn’t exciting me. So I made Allie a hot caramel apple cider and put it in a festive holiday cup. I told her to have fun drinking it and that a face full of whipped cream would be cute. She was plenty happy to oblige. Check out the results for yourself:

I had to convert the photos to black and white because Allie’s pink camo pajamas clashed with the tan and red Christmas tree background. I can’t wait until I can get some constructive criticism from the class. It’s always helpful to hear other’s suggestions.

Here are a couple of layouts I never got posted:

The above layout was created with mostly Daisy D’s papers and embellishments. But there are a few other products thrown in there for good measure.

The below layouts were created with Doodlebug. I just couldn’t stop working on these layouts. Finally I had to step away from the pen and call the layouts complete.

We went to the in-laws this weekend. Every year I make a digitally scrapped calendar for myself, my mother and my mother-in-law. The great news is that I’ve finished 7 out of the 12 layouts! It’s always so much work creating these. I don’t have any of the layouts on this computer, so I’ll have to post pictures of those later. Like maybe after Christmas since my mom reads this blog.

Well off to finish dinner. Have a great week!

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