Did a little scrapping this weekend

and I did a little shopping too!

First here are my finished layouts for my December 8 layouts class at Captured Memories.

While there, I finally got to shop the Creative Cafe. I love the product. Danelle had such a great idea with this concept. I couldn’t buy everything that I wanted because of pricing questions but that’s probably not a bad thing since I spent plenty of money already. I’ll hit the other items next time I go in.

Today I had 4 of my bunco buddies over for the afternoon to make cards. They were whipping out cards left and right and I finished a whopping “1” card while they were here.


Of course there was quite a bit of detail with this card.


It’s my submission for CMK’s Scenic Route Roxbury card contest this month.


Win or lose, I love it…even if it took me over 3 hours to complete!


There are a couple of tags, and a pocket for goodies.


Somebody will likely get it for Christmas…but it just might have to be Clay if I can’t part with it!

So I finished this card and Allie did 16! And they are quite cute. I sure which I could work at her pace.

And she even had sayings/sentiments in many of them. Aren’t the cotton ball snowmen cute in the back. But both of our favorite is the one in the front row on the left with the fireplace and the stockings.

Well off for dinner and maybe even clean up this mess a bit.

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2 Responses to Did a little scrapping this weekend

  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh Lisa I have never had your blog link, until this morning when I had a moment to pop into CMK. But let me tell you, that you have a wonderful blog, and this latest card you have created is adorable. I love the detail you have done on it. So very Cute!

    I will bookmark the blog now, so I can make more visits. I’ve been slacking on posting on the messageboard, just not enough hours in the day, lately.

    Hope your doing well, and that blood clot is finally gone.

  2. Frankie says:

    WOW I love your work, it is simply amazing

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