Call me a lucky gal!

Because I just got this paper storage display:

I’m in love, and maybe in a little bit of trouble from my husband who has banned me for putting another piece of furniture in the house (I’m also working on getting the accompanying shelf to go with it). I’ve got almost all my paper in here and organized and labeled with the contents. But shhh….I’ve got too much paper and now that it’s on display my husband will notice that to, so my mom and my sister are on the way over to my house right now to relieve me of some of it. So nice of them to help me out on this. But oh my….I’ve made a total mess of my scrappy area while trying to organize (how does that happen). So I guess I’ll be doing a little clean up while the “shoppers” are here.

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4 Responses to Call me a lucky gal!

  1. Raechelle says:

    awesome! What a great piece to have!

  2. janet says:

    That is so great! You ARE a lucky girl!

  3. maria W says:

    thats so awesome you are way lucky!

  4. Linda Beeson says:

    Wowie and your new cabinet looks just plain cool!

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