I wish I could go again!

On vacation that is. What a wonderful trip it was….despite seeing sooo many clouds. I don’t think there was a single day (in all 12) that we didn’t seem some rain. Ok, maybe a couple, but definately a lot more clouds than sun.

The first part of the trip was spent at the Nick Hotel in Orlando. The hotel was soooo cool that Allie would have been just as happy spending the day there than going to the Disney parks.

Some cool activities going on at the hotel. They had a schedule of events every day. Of course one of the most anticipated events was the daily sliming which took place at 4:45 at the main pool.

They had arts & crafts in their workshop. They had a Nick or Treat and they supplied the costumes. They had a dive in movie which was a poolside movie on a giant blow up screen and so much more. Allison & I even attended the Bikini Bottom Bash and got our picture taken with Sponge Bob and Patrick.

Allison had her own room, including her very own tv. Now that was a hit! She is seen here working on her homework.

Then after 5 days in Orlando we headed off for our Cruise. Now that was wonderful. Here is a picture that they took as we were about to board the boat (this frame was one of the challenges for the Croptoberfest at Create My Keepsake last weekend).

The cruise was absolutely wonderful. I have so many pictures to sort through and a party to attend in a few short minutes, so perhaps I will post some pictures later.

I’m off to a couple of birthday parties (one friend turning 40 and another 50). I made them matching cards because I was short on time. Take a peek:

The bad news is that the card is too big for any of my standard envelopes. I’m going to have to use an office size envelope. I’m taking a flourless chocolate cake (hoping it would similar to a wonderful dessert I had on the cruise) and a corn and black bean salsa to share. I really need to get out of here.


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