Not a lot of creativity flowing here :(

I found out 11 days ago that I have a blood clot in my leg. I have been on bedrest going on my 10th day and I’m extremely bored. It would be wonderful if I felt up to scrapping, but sadly it’s just too uncomfortable (even painful) for me.

I went to the doctor so he could reassure me that I didn’t have a clot. He suspected I didn’t, but had me undergo an ultrasound just to be sure. Good thing I went…even though he didn’t give me the news I wanted to hear. He didn’t really think I had it at first because I was lacking several of the major tell tale symptoms, mostly I was lacking the pain. Well it didn’t take long for those symptoms to bear their ugly head. I was in serious pain for about 4 days. The worst is behind me and the pain is greatly subsiding. But it is still lingering. It was hurting me all the time. Now, the bulk of the pain comes when I’m vertical (but luckily even that pain is reduced). So since being vertical = pain, I elect to be horizontal and deal instead with the ache.

I’ve been experiencing improvements for the last 3 days, so I hope to keep up this pace. I might even sneak out of the house to watch my daughter’s soccer game tomorrow evening.

I’ve had to cancel my September class at Captured Memories….I just can’t get the class sample made up in time. 😦 The class is supposed to be 2 weeks from today. I should be vertical by then (keeping my fingers crossed). The store owner had to teach my last class for me last weekend because I simply wasn’t able to do it.

This is the last project that I’ve made and photographed, but not yet published on my blog. It was for Creasa’s challenge at CMK to use a rubon on a clear button. I love the way the card turned out.

Have a great weekend! I hope I have new projects to share soon!

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