I hosted Scrappy Hour tonight

over at CMK. Scrappy Hour is a scrapping happy hour of sorts. Rachel is generally the host. Each week she puts together a quick class teaching us a new technique. At the beginning of the week, she’ll post a supply list. Then on Friday (8:30 central time) Scrappy Hour begins. She posts the steps and takes pictures of the process. A new picture and step is posted about every 10 to 15 minutes. You have no idea what your (or her) final product will be until the final step. It’s pretty wild because everybody’s projects look so different. Yet it’s such a fun way to scrap. If you’re prepared and have your basic supplies ready ahead of time, you can scrap a project rather quickly.

Anyhow, Rachel loves to have guest hosts. I volunteered to host late in September. But being the procrastinator that I am (and the fact that it’s less than 2 week before Allie’s big 9th birthday bash and our big trip) I did the project nearly 2 months in advance. I let Rachel know that I was ready to go and could fill in for her if the need arose. Well she was sick this week so she called on me. I love my project and had been dying to post it so I’m happy to finally post it. The topic of my class was Getting Down & Dirty with Paint!.

I also finally posted a couple of my personal challenge layouts of finishing uncompleted projects. Here are those layouts:

I’m only 1 layout behind. So if I can get 2 uncompleted projects done this weekend, I will be caught up. I’ve been scrapping of sorts tonight….only I haven’t pulled out a single supply. Just taking care of the photographing and online stuff. Unfortunately that doesn’t count.

Now get a load of this beauty. I’m not exactly sure what it is. But it is a light. I believe it’s meant to hang on the wall and not the ceiling though. I picked it up at a garage sale today for the tiny price of $1.25. You may be wondering what the heck I’m going to use it for…I know my husband is. Allison’s 9th birthday party is going to be a Drive In Movie in our backyard. The show will be High School Musical. I going to bring the projector home from work and we will project the movie onto the back of the house. We will have a concession stand in Allie’s playhouse. Finally now I know why I made my husband cut her front door in half (so that the top part can be open and the bottom could be closed…originally I was thinking puppet show but not one puppet show has been held there). My brother is going to light up the backyard with all the white Christmas bulbs they used when they had a Christmas tree lot. And now….well I’ve got a marquee (sp?). Isn’t that what they call those lighted signs outside the movie theater. How could I have been so lucky to score this for that price. And when the party is over, it might make some pretty cool mood lighting for a 9 year old’s bedroom. I’m wondering if I can write on it with a dry erase marker. I’ll have to test an area.

And speaking of Allie, she got a palatte expander and braces yesterday. She has been such a trooper. Who would have thought that the most traumatic part for her is that she can’t floss her teeth right now. We lost the special tool to do it so we’ll have to go back to the dentist and get one next week. While most kids would be complaining about the pain and awkwardness of it, she’s worried about flossing. She sure doesn’t get that from her mother!

Well, maybe I’ll take a few moments to scrap. Not many plans this weekend…but wish me luck. I’m walking in the Race for a Cure cancer walk on the Lazer Tow team on Sunday. Luckily it’ll start at 7:45 am….because it’s supposed to be 102 out that day. Yipes!

Have a great weekend!

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One Response to I hosted Scrappy Hour tonight

  1. Michelle Jo Klomp says:

    I am going to have to go on and look at your class.

    Good luck on the walk, drink lots of water…102 WOW.

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