I’ve been a scrapper slacker

this weekend so not one project completed. Ok, barely one started. I have started removing the outer and inner covering on an old make up case (suitcase style). I have a project planned for that.

I went to Goodwill for the first time in months. It’s always one of those things that you bomb out on or score big…and this time I scored big! I spent a whopping $13 and walked away with loads of stuff…mostly stuff to be altered. So that brought up another problem. My “Things to Be Altered Shelf” is way overstuffed as it is. So I worked this weekend to improve the looks of this shelf by purging. I was able to widdle away my stack of catalogues from Summer 2006 CHA into just a small stack of ideas I didn’t want to forget. Then I decided to begin purging my desk. Let me tell you….it stinks being a hoarder. I got rid of tons…but still not enough. It’s a sickness I’ll tell you.

So since I have nothing scrappy to show except for a clean scrappy space, I will share this card my daughter made me last weekend. On the 26th I had a surgery and my mom came in town to take care of me because my husband wasn’t able to get off work to (he did get off for the surgery itself…just not the following days). Anyhow, my mom had her new Paper Craft Creations 5 magazine. They decided to make me a card. Here is the card Allie picked out and made for me (with a little help from Grandma).

Isn’t it adorable? Well I wanted to look through the magazine so my mom left it for me. Since I will be seeing my mother today, I decided I better to look through the magazine and get it back to her. Well I ran across Allie’s inspiration card and it was made by none other than Melissa Phillips. I thought that was so cool. I sent Melissa a message that my daughter picked her card out of the whole magazine to make it for me. Of course, being the gracious person that Melissa is, she sent a nice little message back. And Allie thought it was super cool that I knew the designer of the original card, that I posted her card, and that the original creator loved her take on the card.

Well, I suppose my job is calling. Have a great week you all!

And NO….I didn’t complete my challenge again this week. I’ve slacked 2 weeks in a row! I need to create 3 pages next week!

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One Response to I’ve been a scrapper slacker

  1. Michelle Jo Klomp says:

    I LOVE your banner.

    I went to thrift stores today and found this mini wood wishing well to alter for 75 cents! You get the best stuff there huh?

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