Not a lot of scrapping this weekend!

But for good reason. I was laid up (so to speak) most of the weekend. I did have time to complete 1 project for CMK’s Christmas in July event going on this weekend. I soooo wish I had more time to do some of their awesome projects, but I only found the time and energy for 1. Even though this was a Christmas in July event, I adapted the project to turn it into a thank you gift. Actually I have several family and friends to thank for their help this weekend, but one friend in particular deserved a thank you gift. She sat with me on her day off until my mother could come home and be with me. The poor girl was also the only one to witness me taking a puke. She deserves something for that. So this gift and card is for Kerri (a fellow friend in kickboxing). The container is filled with Lindor Truffles. What could be better than that? Here is the gift…

Another special thank you to Clay, my mom, and Allison who all took such good care of me and were so supportive. And thank you so much for the countless others who called to check on me. I am doing great btw!

As for my challenge earlier this month….I’m not going to get it done today. But I was one challenge ahead, so now I’m even. Plus I’ll be taking it easy for the next week or two so maybe I can play a little catch up.

Have a great week you’all!

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One Response to Not a lot of scrapping this weekend!

  1. creasa says:

    I’m sorry you are feeling bad. Hope things are better soon. I love your project!

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