:( Not much time for personal scrapping this week :(

Really, only enough time to complete my personal challenge of finishing 1 unfinished layout a week. I finished it at the 11th hour….9:45 on Sunday night. Buy hey…I got it done. I haven’t photographed it yet though.

I haven’t felt too great the past couple of days. So at night I was going to bed early. I’m much better today…though my allergies are really starting to kick in. We went out of town for Clay’s family reunion yesterday. I had to teach yesterday, but we left just after class. There was a wedding (which we skipped) Saturday night, and the family reunion today. I made this cute card for the couple.

The only other scrapping I did was prepare for my August layouts class. I felt so bad on Friday, I just couldn’t bring myself to make the pages. So I got up at 5:00 Saturday morning and was able to finish them before leaving home. They came out pretty cute, though I really think the ice cream layout needs something else. If inspiration strikes me before the class I will add it in. But that is hard to do because the layout is now 45 minutes away.

So back to the family reunion. It happens, usually the last Sunday of July, every other year. It’s at my husband’s aunt and uncles farm out in the country. My MIL and 9 brothers and sisters who are still living so it is quite a crowd when you get all 10 of them together and their children. When we go, I seriously only know who a handful of them are and I’ve been with my husband over 22 years. And because there are so many people, the reunion is held outside in a machine shed (pole barn). Usually it is VERY hot but we really lucked out that it was much cooler today. I don’t even think it hit 90 today. I swear, it’s usually at least 100 degrees with high humidity. The stars of the reunion was this litter of kitties. Only one kitty was brave enough to be held so the poor thing was passed around all day. Allie said “Mom they are selling them for free. Can we take one home?” The answer “No”. But they sure were cute!

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