I could update forever!

I’m really bad at maintaining this blog. If I would ever remember to take my memory stick to work, I would have no problem updating it. Just seems like if I’m home, I don’t feel like updating. Oh well, it gets done every now and then.

Would you all want a peek at my latest contest entries?

The jury is still out on a couple of the contests. I didn’t win in the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race, but there should be a pretty good (from what I hear anyway) consolation prize coming my way. Isn’t that last frame cool? It’s for a PageFrames contest at CMK. I used 3 different PageFrames on this project. Took me quite a while to finish all the components of it. It was one of those situations I just had to tell myself to quit already.

One week ago today Clay had his 20 year anniversary at work. Yay!!!!! So he already got his bonus and it’s tucked away waiting until the final payments on our upcoming vacation come due. I can’t believe it’s just over 3 months away. Yikes…I want to lose at least 15 more lbs. I got derailed for a couple of months…but I’m back on plan again! Anyhow, back to Clay’s Anniversary, as a celebration we went to dinner. But Allie and I made Clay cupcakes and a card.

I still have more…much, much more. But this will have to be enough for now. Good night!

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