A great garage sale and getting ready for First Communion

On Friday (and again on Saturday) I took time out of my First Communion preparations to go to a garage sale close to our house. They had several antiques. I picked this baby up on Friday. There are 10 yarn/thread holders (obviously don’t know the technical term) that I picked up for $5.00. I picked up the basket for $2.00. I picked up a few other items as well, but these were my favorites.
They told me to check back, as they had more items they would be putting out. I found time between First Communion practice and the last frantic moments of getting ready to go back and search for new items. I picked up the jar next to the basket for $3.00.
I got this wash stand. I think it said $5.00. I’m thinking I might use it as a magnetic memo board.
And by far my favorite item is this old oak card catalogue thing. This baby was only marked $10. It’s has some damage on top, but I don’t care. I practically started jumping up and down when I found it.
I spent $20 the second go around. Actually I had $22.75 in stuff but talked them into $20 since that was all I had.
When we got home, I asked Allie if she wanted to use the china for dinner. “What’s china”? She didn’t know because I don’t think I’ve used it since my very first Mother’s Day, 8 years ago. So we pulled it out and set the table. It looked so pretty. I made place cards that contained favors (prayer coins) for everybody in attendance. Please don’t look at the ugly gold candleholders. We used those at “Jesus Day” last week, and I thought it appropriate to use them for First Communion even though they weren’t quite up to par.
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