Calendars for Sale

Anybody want a hip new calendar. If so, head on over to our church/school next weekend. We’re having a Boutique and Tea Room fundraiser. We were kinda short of booths for the boutique so last week I asked my sister to join me in a booth. She sells jewelry (mostly Catholic) and since First Communion is coming up, I thought this might be a good place for her to sell stuff.

So what am I going to sell. Well I’m working on it. Probably won’t be much. By the time I pay for the booth, and donate a percentage of proceeds, I will be lucky to make a dollar. But it’s for a good cause. Really hoping my sis does well, and it won’t hurt to go now will it?

So that’s where the calendars come in. I’ve made three of them. All pretty cute if I do say so myself.

These were made out of purchased frames. I just created a background so to speak. You write on the glass with dry erase markers and it wipes clean when you need to change it for the following month. Really, seems to me that writing on glass with these markers is way better than the dry erase boards. The marker wipes right off.

In other news, today I had a layout that was featured on the home page of Create My Keepsake as their Layout of the Day. I love this layout. I used Fancy Pants Key Lime Pie collection.

All right…off to do more creating. Wish me luck next weekend!

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