Happy Halloween!

Here are a couple of scenes from Halloween night. We carved pumpkins last night. Aren’t they scary. Allison drew the cat and the “boo”. The puking pumpkin in courtesy of Clay. I’m sure you all have seen the puking pumpkin picture circling in your inbox this month. Who would think that a puking pumpkin could be soooo darn cute?

Allie was Mr. Potato Head this year. As Mr. Potato head, she had a variety of faces to choose from (3 mouths, 3 noses, a moustache and a tongue). All unused parts were stored safely in the flap on her….well….butt.

She had a friend come over to go trick-or-treating. We are lucky enough to live in a subdivision in the country, but her friend isn’t quite so fortunate so she likes to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. Of course, we only had 4 trick-or-treaters….and 2 of them were Allie and Brooke. But the girls sure did clean up. Our neighbors are more then generous with their offerings. Check out the loot. She got treat bags, a giant Symphony chocolate bar, stickers, a backpack with a bottle of coke, a yo-yo and loads of candy. Not a bad take considering there are fewer than 25 homes in our subdivision (and not all of those had people home to pass out candy).

And we got nearly that much candy at last week’s Trunk or Treat at school. We have chocolate coming out the ears!

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