My Second Sell-Out!

A couple of weeks ago I learned that my September layout class at Captured Memories was a sell out. So we opened up another class. You can view the layouts here.

Well now the second class is a sell out! I couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be quite a task putting together 30 kits. Yikes…I better start on the class handouts! I just ordered 1,000 resealable clear bags from U-Line. I got them for just over $.07 each. The second best alternative was ordering 100 off of ebay for almost $.17 each. That’s a big savings, however, I will never use 1,000. If you want to buy a few for a cheap price….let me know and I’ll cut you a deal. Otherwise, I’ll be unloading some of them on E-bay myself!

I also need to start working on my upcoming class projects. In October, I’m doing a holiday planner made out of envelopes. I’m planning to use Daisy D Holiday Paper, but I’m waiting on it to come in. In November I will be doing another layout class. In December I am making a cool 2007 Planner. I got some awesome books (with a lot of help of my sister Michele who helped me to create the vision). I got a variety of papers to go in these planners, but I’m really excited about the Rusty Pickle papers I got to put in there. I just hope that the vision I have in my mind comes out in the final product (that can be a problem sometimes).

Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

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