I Scored at a Garage Sale Yesterday

I went to a garage sale at a retirement community in Belton yesterday. They have it all the time. It’s in a big building, it’s all neatly organized and they always have a deal (usually everything you can fit into a paper grocery sack) for $3.50. And the best part…they usually have lots of good old stuff! Today was no exception. Look what I got!
Old dishes, old Rx bottles (?), 2 small glasses that would be perfect for Allie’s American Girl doll, a couple of glass bottles, glass spice bottle, silver salad spoon and fork, glass cake stand, plus that other stuff and 3 pairs of shoes for Allie (not pictured). My favorite is the wooden divider up front. It’s an antique. It came out of an old cash register, the bottom is rounded. The lady who sold it to me said it was her father in-laws. I scored that one on the way out the door. But since it wouldn’t fit in my bag, I asked them if they would just take $5.00 for it all since I didn’t have time to load a second bag. And they did!

Of course this little stop made me a few minutes late to Allie’s school where I spent about 6 hours total (2 shifts) helping out with enrollment.

Today we’re headed off to the dentist, lunch with daddy, then to Leavenworth for the afternoon.

But first….I need to unload these CLEAN goodies out of the dishwasher….

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