I’ve been a Bad Blogger Lately!

I’ve been so busy lately, but it finally started to slow down a bit.

We had a great vacation in Wisconsin. I really should get some pictures posted. But not now…

I found out yesterday that nobody signed up for my Party Pack class at Captured Memories this Saturday. **SIGH**. But really not so sad. I’m not prepared. And I’d rather not teach the class at all then to teach to just a couple of people. It’s a lot of work preparing and travelling to and from the scrapbook store for a small amount of money. When I designed the class, I knew it would go over big or fail miserably. I just don’t think it floated anybody’s boat, but I don’t see it as a reflection of my work. Here is a picture of the projects.

But it wasn’t all bad news. I found out that my September fall layouts class has sold out. I didn’t have anybody signed up prior to July 29. But at that class I brought in my class samples for September. Since that time, 15 have signed up and 3 (that I know of) have been turned away. I contacted the store owners and we decided to open up another class. I’m soooooooooo excited about this. Here is a peek at the projects in case anybody local wants to sign up…

Well…I’m off to help out with school enrollment.

Thanks for looking!

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