Happy Birthday To Me

Happy 38th Birthday to me! Aren’t these cards beautiful. I got even more that I really love, but I thought I would share these 2. The card on the left was made by my mother. Isn’t it beautiful? She did a fantastic job. I plan to fram this card cuz it would look so cute hanging on the wall. Her card creating has come a long way. She does way better cards than I do now. I need to talk her into submitting some of her work for publication, and this card would be a great place to start. The other beautiful card was created by Allison. She really does such a good job. She did this completely on her own. Daddy got the supplies out for her but she picked everything out on her own. My sister Michele and my best pal Brandi each made me beautiful cards too. Then I have 2 unopened cards (from my friend Annette and my in-laws). I will save them to open this evening with my birthday cake.

So what are my birthday plans? Well it’ll be a doozy. So far I’ve done 2 loads of laundry and I am working on my third, I’ve unloaded the dishwasher, I’ve vacuumed the house, I’ve taken the trash out, made a couple of lunches and have been packing for Girl Scout Camp. In a while I will head to Mike & Lisa’s (brother and wife) to pick up my birthday present (another memory stick for a camera and a surprise). Then off to the scrapbook store to pick up supplies for my class on July 29th (a vacation journal). Back home for a bite to eat then off to camp. Yep I am celebrating my birthday and the next 2 days at Girl Scout Camp. It will be 96 today & tomorrow and 99 on Saturday. Heat index over 100. Oh yeah…and humid. The weather hasn’t been too bad so far this summer, it’s too bad that today is literally the hottest day of the season so far! **Sigh**.

Well I better continue on with my plans. I just wanted to share these beautiful cards.

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