Can you say "SCORE" ?

I stopped at a moving sale on my way home from dropping Allison off at VBS. I couldn’t believe the prices this place had on stuff….it was all priced to sell! Anyhow, check out my loot. And I got all of this for $10. And really it didn’t come up to $10, it was $9.45 but I told them to keep the change. And it probably would have been even less than that but I offered to pay the full price of $1.50 for a box full of items, when I only took one of the items.

What all did I get: I got an antique chair (that orange one in the back) for $1.50. I got that backpack (which I definately don’t need but it was so nice) for $1.50. I got 2 pieces of enamel, 4 glass jars, some cookie cutter, 2 sets of bed sheets, some tea towels (I guess not really sure on these), a couple hand garden tools, a couple of tins for altering and giving out as gifts, an old lawn darts game and a 50 foot measuring tape. I just love that measuring tape, it will replace the much newer version that I take along when going to sales. It will be so much easier to manage than the other.

And I passed a couple of deals by. The had a kinda ugly plant stand (at least that’s what they called it) for $1.50. It had a metal base and an ugly wood top. I still may go back and get it and mosaic the top. And they had a beat up old dresser for $10. I was so close to getting it but no way to get it home with out my husband’s truck, and no way to hide it from him. It had 5 drawers, and one was messed up the others were fine. It could probably be reconfigured to remove some of the drawers and turn them into shelves. YOu know what, I just talked myself into going back for it. I’ll stop back by on my way to pick Allison up from VBS and buy it. I guess I’ll take Clay’s truck tomorrow morning to go get it. I’m gonna be in soooo much trouble!

Ok, well I better go hide all this other stuff. If I find homes for all this stuff, he doesn’t notice it. But he can’t stand when he comes home and see’s a pile of stuff (even if it was free – you know from one of my bulky trash pick up outings). If I get the dresser, I’ll post another picture…tomorrow.


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One Response to Can you say "SCORE" ?

  1. Brandi Hammel says:

    Shopping without me huh??? I see how you are! Did you go back and get the dresser?

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