TS 5/23 Blog Challenge….

a day late!

The challenge for today read:

So with all that has gone on here the past few days with waiting for the DT call I thought we would blog about that. So todays blog is…. For those of us who have been submitting, how long have you been, how do you handle not being accepted, and what is your goal? For those you haven’t what keeps you from submitting and what would it take to have you start.

I am very new to submitting…and I don’t do much of it. I remember my first layout probably about 5 years ago when Memory Makers was holding a contest for scrapbookers. Though I loved my layout, I didn’t win. The winners were really deserving though.

Then last summer I went to the Iowa Scrapbook Extravaganza and entered a photography/layout contest. I loved my layout (and still do) but I didn’t win.

In January, 2006 I entered a design team contest for an online scrapbook store. I didn’t see the call until the day before the deadline. I created a couple of projects and picked some projects out of my stash to submit (not enough time to make all new entries). I loved my entries, but I didn’t win.

In March, 2006 I entered the 2 Bugs In A Rug design team contest. I loved my entries (which are posted in my blog) but once again…I didn’t win.

In May, 2006 I entered Treasured Scrapbooking’s Design Team contest. I loved my entries…only this time I won!

I have not been actively submitting work for publication or applying for design teams. I would like to get some work published but I think that being on one design team is enough for me.

Looking back, I suppose I was disappointed that I didn’t win. But in every case, I was proud of the work I submitted. The contests forced me to scrap something I might have not otherwise done. So in the long run…I consider myself a winner.

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