Garage Sale Finds!

You know me, I love to find old things. On my way to meet Brandi to do some garage saleing, I stopped at an antique sale on the way. These people had a beautiful flower garden and 2 barns full of antiques. They had some really cool things. I could have easily dropped a couple of grand there. I picked up a couple of old milk crates (carrier things) and a wire basket. The prices collectively were $24, but I asked if they would take $20 (because that is all I had) and they did. So anyhow, the milk crates are in such good condition, I’m not convinced they are old. There is the teeniest, tiniest bit of rust, and I’m not sure about the plastic handle. Were they plastic? It is very well built, and possibly the reason they look so good is maybe they were stored inside. I hope they are old, but even if they are not, I will find something great to do with them. I can say, that everything at the sale was old, so I think it is a high likelihood they are old. And I just love the look of the brown wire basket in the middle.

I got the cutting board at another sale. It had a $5 tag on it, but the man running the sale was telling everybody to bring him an offer….so I offered him $3 and he took it. The stuff had belonged to his mother. Did I need another cutting board? No, but it was so beautiful, and it doesn’t even look like it was used. And it is so big that it will hold a lot of stuff. This will definately be my nicest cutting board. I need to find out how to take good care of it.

I also got Allie a Barbie Dream house in great condition for $25. It had a few pieces of furniture with it, but we already have plenty of furniture. I made her one out of shelving and scrapbook paper a couple of years ago, but it kinda leans so I said if I ever saw one for a deal, I would get it. It’s bigger than the one we have too…which is good. Anyhow, it barely fit in my friends van so it definately won’t fit in my car. She said she would deliver it to me later this weekend.

It was a hot day. I came home and took a nap. Next stop shower. Then dinner. Then scrapbook. Later~

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