Check out my new printer!

It’s not much of a beauty I know…but it works well. I got it yesterday for $79.99. I was mistaken about the $50 rebate (you had to buy it in conjunction with other equipment). I still feel it is a good deal at $80…it would have been a steal for $30. Considering it costs about $50 just to replace the ink cartridges! I’m a little bummed also that my old printer cartridges don’t work in it. I thought they would. The good news is that I can remove the ink from them and refill my new ones when the time comes. It will be an inconvenience, but at least it won’t be wasted. I may even try to get my old printer working again and use them both…one for printing out good things, and the other everyday old stuff (where I can refill the cartridges myself). I used to refill my cartridges all the time…and I save a bundle. I just never figured out why my prints always had a greenish tint to them. Then one day I noticed on Donna Downey’s blog that the reason was refilling my printer cartridges with non-manufacturer ink. Since then, I kept 2 sets of cartridges for my printer. Refilled ones for daily printing, and Canon ones for “Good” jobs. It would be nice to have a printer designated to each!

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