Another Weekend Done!

I had a busy 4 day weekend. Thursday was spent shopping and cleaning for weekend company. I worked at the school’s golf tournament for 12 1/2 hours on Friday. Saturday, we had a 8:45 am soccer game (Allison rocked by the way scoring all 4 goals). We invited a friend over to play with Allison while I cooked, cleaned and worked on my Treasured Scrapbooking Design Team Submission. I didn’t get finished up until 1:30 am. Then Sunday we had my family and Clay’s family over to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I got some great stuff. Allison made me a card, a note, a picture frame and a key chain. All really cute stuff. I also got a mouse pad with a beautiful picture of Allison on it and a video MP3 player. My mother and my SIL each made me a beautiful card. And my mother got me a real pretty butterfly to hang outside.

I made a real good lunch for everybody. I was being daring and all my recipies were new things except the deviled eggs. We had Panini and it was YUMMM!

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